Saturday, July 09, 2005

Remembering Kung-Fu Grip


Life was just more fun then — it seems ...

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This is one reason why - you could actually download "Why Be Glum" from for the cheap — Below is one of the good songs ...

"(Welcome To The)
Jungle Gym"


There, boy

What's wrong?

Can I be your friend?


I can

Then we

Can sit and pretend


This life

Is bright

And made of candy


So sweet

So neat

And all we can eat

If you'll share your playground

I'll be your bestest friend

You can have my Frito pie

If I your gelatin

We can make the rules to the game

Then change them at a whim

This is life at recess time

Welcome to the jungle gym


You want

We'll taunt

The other kiddies


They cry

We'll laugh

And get all giddy


We'll fart

And give

Them all our cooties


Bad words

Like "poop"

And "butt" and "boobies"

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All songs are property of Kung-Fu Grip and is only
available for free distribution for promotional purposes only. No money is
to be made from any of this copyrighted (1995) material. All rights

We'll return to ranting and raving next week - but as this exists as a practice page for the PP GURU page for ZPD - you can suffer through this - the pup ...

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